Be bold. Be flexible.Be transformative.Be Ecocentric.

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Let us not return to what was normal, but reach toward what is next.  Amanda Gorman, poet

Naziha Mestaoui's monumental artwork 1 Heart 1 Tree on the Eiffel Tower during the COP21 Conference - a catalyst for a reforestation program.

Eileen Horowitz founded Ecocentric in 2017. We work with our partners and clients to reconcile economic priorities with an ever-changing series of imperatives.  We are catalysts to create opportunities for purpose-driven business, 


EcoCentric conceives and executes initiatives that marry sustainability and profitability through change management, marketing, and story-telling initiatives.


Ecocentric is a group of interdisciplinary global partners and experts from Eileen's rich network from experience in the field and in the boardroom around the world.



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