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Ecocentric is a location-independent boutique advisory network focused on change. 


Witnessing the scale of what can happen when a group of passionate experts collaborate to create and implement solutions, I wanted to create a team of resilient, experienced, multi-cultural, business-minded activists equipped to deal with this rapidly changing landscape which is 2020. We work to reconcile economic priorities with a new series of imperatives.  By taking concrete steps towards sustainable practices, businesses maximize both their social impact and their business performance.

After a successful international Entertainment and Marketing, I looked, to focus on how to use my skillset to impact on our world.  I left Paris in 2016 and spent a few years working remotely principally in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, I became active with Trash Hero, a Swiss-based NGO focused on reducing the use of single-use plastic through cleanups, education and behavioral change. That lead me to shift my business focus.  I continued to collaborate with other NGO's and Social Enterprises while working across Asia on the ground and in the boardroom.

I have an innate skill of connecting people and ideas across disciplines and the planet. Someone actually once called me a "walking yellow pages."  Ecocentric melds my passion and experience to put social impact at the heart of business and government policy.





I  grew up in Los Angeles and have a degree from the  University of California, Berkeley, I was based in Paris for many years and am a Franco- American dual national.  




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