EcoCentric and the News

Eileen is a regular speaker at international conferences and events.  

She also is a guest professor and lectures about our Planet, Waste Management, Activism, Storytelling, Marketing and Digital Transformation. 

  • Paris 2.0 Brand Content (Paris) - Social Media and Innovation Conference

  • Bafta (London):  Developing and Selling 1-hour series into the US Market

  • Mip (Cannes):  Brand Content:  The Brand, the Agency and the Producer

  • Milia (Cannes) Marketing in Virtual Worlds

  • Media Xchange (Los Angeles)

  • Monte Carlo Television Festival (Monte Carlo)

  • Rome International Fiction Festival (Rome)

  • Utrecht Film Festival (Holland)

  • Gotherburg Film Festival (Sweden)

  • Ecom MTL (Montreal) Opening Keynote: Comparision of the Acquisition of Voters for the Obama Campaign and the Acquisition of clients for e-commerce

  • Reputation War (Paris):  Digital Armys face in the face of an online war.

  • Media Club (Paris):  How to sell remake rights into the US market 

  • Creative Mornings (Paris): How Democrats Abroad manages a US Election from Overseas.