Environmental Crusader. Media & Branding Expert. Cultural Translator. Changemaker.

Location independent with a rich global C-Suite network, Eileen has a rare perspective on the opportunities and interdependencies of our global marketplace. Eileen has successfully created, financed, produced, and applied her story-telling expertise across numerous industries.

An eternal part-time activist and often Cultural Translator, she left Paris late 2016 looking to use her unique skills to impact our world.


Eileen Horowitz Bastianelli

She spent a year working remotely in SE Asia while volunteering with Trash Hero World, Social Impakt and other organizations. She  became fueled to eliminate single-use plastic by all she met. This led her to create, EcoCentric a boutique advisory geared to help businesses, and brands increase profitability while establishing sustainable practices. EcoCentric also works on policy to create legislation and educational programs to better awareness about the problem of waste.


During her several decade career in Entertainment and Marketing, Eileen launched new business units for private and public companies and advised some of the world’s most prominent media groups, agencies, telcos, and political organizations including Lion's Gate, Orange, Comcast, and Canal+, Elite World and Edelman. 


She set up and managed a content entity at BBDO, working with such brands as PepsiCo, Veolia, L'Oreal, and Masterfoods. 


In 2008 she produced a PSA with Gwyneth Paltrow to get out the overseas vote, then set up and ran Social Media for Democrats Abroad, targeting 6M+ Americans overseas through data and digital initiatives. She was Executive Director for 1 Heart 1 Tree, a monumental artwork and interactive reforestation program at the Cop21 conference in partnership with the UNFCC and the French Government. 


Eileen works as an advisor and sometime sparring partner for CEOs and NGOs to streamline growth in a number of sectors. She accompanies them on questions of strategy, marketing, CSR, sustainable tourism initiatives, and bringing in influencers to help deliver a message.


Eileen is a firm believer that you can "do well by doing good."

Raised in Los Angeles, Eileen graduated from UC Berkeley. She has spent her career working around the globe, connecting people and businesses while striving to make a difference. She is passionate about storytelling, social change, technology and good for our planet.