Speaking Engagements

Eileen is a regular speaker at international conferences and events.  

She also is a guest professor and lectures about our Planet, Waste Management, Activism, Storytelling, Marketing and Digital Transformation. 


Eileen regularly gives Trash Talks and speaks at conferences on Sustainability. Recent talks have been in Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka...

Previous speaking engagements include:

Paris 2.0 Brand Content (Paris) - Social Media and Innovation Conference

Bafta (London):  Developing and Selling 1-hour series into the US Market

Mip (Cannes):  Brand Content:  The Brand, the Agency, and the Producer

Milia (Cannes) Marketing in Virtual Worlds

Media Xchange (Los Angeles)

Monte Carlo Television Festival (Monte Carlo)

Rome International Fiction Festival (Rome)

Utrecht Film Festival (Holland)

Gothenburg Film Festival (Sweden)

Ecom MTL (Montreal) Opening Keynote: Comparision of the Acquisition of Voters for the Obama Campaign and the Acquisition of clients for e-commerce

Reputation War (Paris):  Digital Armys in the face of an online war.

Media Club (Paris):  How to sell remake rights into the US market 

Creative Mornings (Paris): How Democrats Abroad manages a US Election from Overseas.