What Drives Us

I had always considered myself both aware and an activist. I cared about people and about our planet. Of course, I had always sorted my trash so they could take it away to be recycled. I had never even pondered: WHERE IS AWAY?


While traveling in SE Asia, how could you not be distraught by the plastic and trash everywhere including in our oceans?  I learned about single-use plastic and the effects on our planet. Our whole planet. 


I dipped my toe into a world that shed light on a tragic reality.


If we don’t drastically change our behavior, it is going to be too late. And this isn’t just for the trash on the beaches and sides of the road in SE Asia. It is a global issue.

This sentence warrants our attention: AWAY does not exist.


This is the heart of the issue. While the challenges in the West and in Asia are different, there is no place to put all of it which is why we need to rethink how we manufacture, how we purchase and how we dispose. 


During a year traveling and working remotely in SE Asia, I got involved with Trash Hero, an amazing NGO that now spans the globe. I educated myself. I raised money. I began assisting Social Impakt, a Bali-based Social Enterprise bringing drinking water to rural areas. I got involved with local officials, gave “Trash Talks” at schools, co-working spaces, and pretty much to anyone who would listen. 


Every day that passed further engaged my passion to make impact and the need to change the paradigm. We need to change our behavior immediately. And as a business person, I know that business leaders have their P&L top of mind. However, they are not mutually exclusive.


That is how EcoCentric was born. Focusing on the contemporary challenges that businesses face, along with my branding, marketing and social media expertise,  my acute sense of aesthetics and service, and my accelerated 1-yr internship in waste, the boutique advisory, among other things, works on the strategy of putting social impact at the heart of business strategy and policy.


Eileen Horowitz Bastianelli

Founder, EcoCentric Solutions