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Eileen was new to Bali and in a short amount of time, she made dozens of businesses plastic free thanks to her energy and drive. Sustainability became her passion and Eileen was able to very quickly become fluent in this industry, successfully transferring her skillset. She made a big impact in Bali by bringing refillable water stations, amongst other solutions.

Jeroen van Overbeek – Founder Social Impakt

Eileen brings many things to the party: a huge experience in branding and communications; deep business understanding…fantastic cultural awareness and understanding of consumer trends; almost unlimited enthusiasm, energy and drive. She also almost always knows the very best creative experts to bring projects to fruition…

Chris McCarthy – Head of Creative Strategy The ZOO, Google

Eileen brings her many skills but in my view, they really boil down to 1/Knowing all aspects of the Entertainment business and 2/ knowing the art of people. Sadly I have rarely encountered this killer combo in my career. She knows how to start a deal with the right connections and personal touch. She knows how to maximize a deal and yet establish a relationship of trust across the table. She knows how to mesh business, creative and personal skills to make things happen…

Peter Schankowitz – Founder/Partner Joe Digital Inc.

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